Kamis, 05 Februari 2015

Ketemu Di Youtube By Agen Judi Bola Online : Tendangan Pinalti Terunik Dan Lucu

Pas agen judi bola online "jalan-jalan" menelusuri youtube, eehh..ketemu neh video yang unik dan sedikit menggelitik, karena ulah sang pemain bola dalam mengeksekusi tendangan pinaltinya.

Agen Judi Bola Online Tendangan Pinalti Terunik Dan Lucu

Video yang diunggah pada 17 Juli 2011 dan telah diputar sebanyak 10 juta lebih orang itu menampilkan seorang pemain sepak bola bernama Awana Diab / Theyab Awana atau yang memiliki nama lengkap Theyab Awana Ahmed Hussein Al Musabi adalah pemain bola dari klub Baniyas di negara UAE (United Arab Emirates).

Pemain ini memang memiliki cara bermain yang unik, terbukti salah satunya pada adegan tendangan pinalti seperti yang dia lakukan pada cuplikan video ini. Walau ini video lama namun tidak ada salahnya kita lihat aksinya yang unik dan lucu, bandar bola terpercaya sendiri sampai tergelitik menyaksikan tayangan video ini..

Lihat juga video-video Kejadian Di Sepak Bola Dunia Lucu By Agen Judi Bola.

Kamis, 15 Januari 2015

Kejadian Di Sepak Bola Dunia Lucu By Agen Judi Bola

Dalam kehidupan sehari-hari tentunya banyak kejadian-kejadian yang tidak terhindarkan atau tidak terduga. Entah itu kejadian yang lucu, unik bahkan sampai kejadian yang aneh dan menjijikan. Tidak terkecuali di lapangan sepak bola banyak juga kejadian atau tingkah laku para pemainnya yang lucu / tidak terduga yang tertangkap kamera.

Berikut video cuplikan-cuplikan kejadian lucu di sepak bola dunia yang agen judi bola temui:

Senin, 29 Desember 2014

Recommendations Agen Bola For Novices Soccer Betting Players

It is an article of recommendations from agen bola for your newbies bettors. Playing soccer casino online is not as simple as one may possibly envision, within this game the players are given various considerations to be able to choose the best staff that should be able to gain the triumph, with a great deal to learn and try out in the long run you will be skilled in identifying choosing betting on football gambling on the internet . If you want to get effects equally effectively every so often a good idea to take note of football playing ideas under, with your own encounter that you get the benefit of the results of playing basketball betting on the internet, you may unavoidably move through each online game there exists, it is generally to gain from taking part in this on-line soccer betting was very simple but it's excellent.

Should you pick a process which is powerful, this description involves the relation to how you will as a main gamer on the internet soccer casino can figure out a plan of saving and techniques regarding deciding the option later on, the documenting with this information and facts are helpful to you in figuring out choosing group you wager that will bring you to glory.

Before deciding the option of the group, you should know the guidelines that can be found there in agen bola. Simply the rules in almost any groups practically the identical and for your basketball fanatic could have been quite mindful of the appropriate guidelines within the game of baseball overall.

Carrying out Study Earlier

Make a selection using the appropriate investigation, before you decide which option you option the group later on, it could be a great idea to perform a search of information both squads who can keep and compete information of their meetings that can look which is seeded group inside the online game, it is a move that is really simple relevance for you personally to be able to win the baseball playing on-line.

Affix your bets in agen bola if you are assured with the choice, to do a variety of considerations that you need to do to choose the staff you certain will acquire allow you to a lot more securely set up a option and you should recall also require common sense also of your resources which will be paired inside the wagering.

We recommend that you focus just to choose a handful of crews that you are already aware, when you way too many options team can you submit the stakes then you will not be able to awareness maximum, you should focus on a group that includes a possibility to win major and you know the overall game. Lest you completely wrong option as it will give you to overcome, when the option reserve how you feel while focusing for just a moment to truly solidify solution.

Concentrate on your greatest goal, soccer playing you need to do besides to possess entertaining also offers a main objective as a method to get the triumph, naturally, you should not be complacent with picking out the less favored team based on the fanatical help staff.